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tv   WBTV Sunday News 11pm  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-11:43pm EST

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>> wbtv on your side. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. wbtv news, starts right now. >> anchor: literally, just laid down on the grass and i said to my husband, he is just shot. >> a good samaritan rushes in to help a man, shot in the case of road rage, we start with the family, but first, nearly 50 shots, ring out in uptown, hours after the ciaa basketball tournament wraps up, bullets strikes cars and the lobby of a hotel. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm sharon, smith and i am glad that you are here, police arrested three men, accused of shooting up two cars in the front door of a condo, and hotel on coldwell street, all three suspects were in town for the tourn. christian spoke to someone who lives at the condo, what did he say? >> yeah, sharon, i spoke to him late this afternoon and he was
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and even though no one was injured, he says an incident like this will make him think twice about staying in town during next year's tournament. >> about 7:00 a.m., we got up and took the dog for a walk and came out to a crime scene. >> is it was a rude awakening for charlie and just hours after he brought his dog for a walk, the police say that south, calwell street, blocked off, they fired, 50 shots in the two cars and the front doors of the hotel. >> the glass was shot out and four window pains and they had little bullet markers all over the floor. >> but even more shocking than the front lobby of his condo was the state of the cars parked out in front. >> it looked like a truck driving around in iraq. >> they arrested them, and booked them on three weapon's charges. >> wright was arrested after trying to run away from the scene with an ak 47 no one was injured in the shooting but his
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>> i live here and i could have been coming down in the middle of night and coming home and i could have been shot. >> write, thompson and bol tonight were in town for the ciaa basketball tournament that wrapped up on saturday night, this year's tournament was without, incident and the shooting happened after all of the events came to a close. >> that is an active lobby and a popular place, everybody goes there and so it is, you know, and especially with the event and the people were piling in and out of there all night, and we are lucky that someone didn't get in. >> and again, the shooting did not happen at a ciaa live in uptown, wbtv on your side. >> thank you. >> this next story shows the best and the worst in people, and a good samaritan, stepped in to help a man, shot? what appears to be a case of road rage, the family was on the way to church when they saw everything unfold. wbtv michael clark, caught up
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did they tell you? >> they said that they knew that they would come up on an accident and then they heard the gun shot and caused a father to jump into action, putting the victim's needs ahead of a very important day, for the good samaritan's family. >> imagine seeing a car crash, and a shooting, all on the way to church. >> my husband just said he has just been shot. >> she is used to the unexpected and the family of four was on the way to a special dedication service to the two-month-old, a day that they were not sure would come. >> he was previously was in the hospital and almost died, we almost lost him. so, this was a big day. >> their big day, interrupted by tense moments for two others involved in the crash, witnesses reported an argument. >> her husband, ben is in the military and i trained first responder, despite being in his sunday best, he went to help a total stranger, who witnesses said that he was shot in front of his girlfriend and child.
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could see that he was holding his lower left, area, and i was talking to him and making sure that he was okay. >> the shooter stayed on the scene and they know who he is. but there are no charges, in the ongoing, investigation. >> it could have been, disputed otherwise and it definitely did not have to come to a shooting. >> the victim was transported to the hospital while the church members, scrambled to find marble a new shirt. >> i will go home and get a new shirt. and i was like, don't worry about that right now. >> despite, helping the shooting victim, this family still made their special dedication, it seems like a question mark just a few weeks ago. >> the doctors and nurses were amazed he was in there for 12 days and they said, it has to be a miracle, this is god. and so this dedication, was kind of a big deal. >> today's memory will come with a powerful story, when his son is old enough to hear it. >> god put me in the right place at the right time and that is why, i will pass it on to my son. >> police identified the man was shot as 29-year-old baret was
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transported and listed in critical but stable condition, the investigation continues to see if any charges will be filed in this case, reporting live, wbtv, michael clark. >> witnesses, to speak after a man was shot and killed, near, mount holly this morning, it happened on lanier street, while a big party was going on, the police say at the party the people took the man to the hospital where he died, several neighbors did not want to speak on camera. but off camera they said that dozens of vehicles lined the road and the police have notified the victim and if you know anything about the shooting. you are asked to call the police, or crime stoppers. new information, now, a man is recovering after a 30-foot, fall from crowder's mountain and he had to be air lifted out to the hospital. we are told that he was hiking at the highest part at the boulders access area when he fell and officials say that he and a few other people were just
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it was a busy day today, which is common this time of year. >> i was going to say that a lot of folks pulled in today and they always ask, you know, what kind of special event do you have coming on? and i look at them and i am like, this is normal. it has been normal, like this is our typical weekend, and it has been for the past ten years. >> nicer weather means more hikers, park officials urge everyone to stay aware of their surroundings on the trails. unusual crime on a sunday afternoon, police are hoping the surveillance video that you are about to see will help them catch the guy who robbed a cvs store. we got the surveillance video from the police department. the man walked into the cvs on north vanlingal boulevard and headed ba being to the pharmacy, the police say that he pointed a gun at the store's supervisor and headed for the safe, he left with a big supply of oxycodon. >> a lot of people talking about the weather this weekend, nice
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will last and lee will have the answer to that. >> i wish that it would last and i wish that it was springtime, already, but remember that it is february and this is a bonus rather than springtime, here is your metro school, camera from the network of cameras and with he have no rain and we don't have any clouds and it is not windy like it was last week, and a complete change from the past couple of days, here is what it looked like, we reached 66, and a mild, afternoon, high temperature and now in charlotte it is 55, and 56 in gastonia and monroe and 57, right now and the temperatures are falling but they are not doing it that quickly, through the rest of the over night, we will head from the 50s at eleven, and the 5:00 a.m. of 47 degrees and a pretty stay, temperature drop over night and not a drastic one, and we are going to bottom out and not close to the freezing mark and you probably don't need the big coat, tomorrow morning and we are starting out in the mid 40s for the low temperatures on your monday morning and after
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of sunshine through the day and another mild day and we will talk about how many of those mild days and just how long the spring break is going to last and i will have that forecast in just a little bit. >> thank you. and ready to pay more taxes tuesday? certain, services will cost more, across north carolina. state lawmakers, expanded the sales tax, and use effective march first and it means that you will pay more for services like repairs and installation and maintenance and the examples include, car repairs and new carpet. and this is all, part of major tax reform, which started three years ago. the idea is to lower the tax rate for individuals and businesses but still expand the tax base. >> tomorrow is the last day of campaigning before super tuesday. the mother of all primary days,
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2016. >> an army staff sergeant who works at the pent gont will appear in court, he is accused of killing his wife, an officer and injuring two others, rookie officer, had not even been on the force 24 hours, when she was shot and killed while responding to a domestic dispute. the prince william county, police department posted a picture on twitter with the caption, be safe, she was sworn in the day before, friday. before becoming a u.s. marine, reservist, she interned for that department. >> she clearly had a passion for serve others, in a way that went beyond herself. >> authorities say ronald hamilton, opened fire from his front door when she and two
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he eventually surrendered and they found his wife dead inside. the county attorney says prosecutors will seek the death penalty. a pastor in ohio was shot and killed, in his own church this morning. dayton police say that schooler was killed by his brother. the police say it was the result of a domestic dispute, involving the brothers and they are interviewing several, church members who are witnesses. one said the shooter walked into the pastor's office and heard two gun shots. >> at the prayer, he got up, and he went back and our pastor's office. and then i heard two shots. it was not a minute and i heard two shots and so i just got everybody out of the church. and just kept hearing shooting, and shooting, bang bang bang. >> anchor: about 20 people were inside at the time of the shooting. >> grieving families also in
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among four dead after a plane crash, the small engine four seater aircraft left the airport this morning, faa officials say that the pilot nearby saw the wreckage an hour later. republican presidential candidate donald trump is facing criticism after he refused to distance himself from a controversial endorsement. meanwhile a new cbs news poll, shows trump and hillary clinton leading in key states ahead of super tuesday, don champion has more on campaign 2016. >> republican front runner donald trump campaigned in alabama sunday afternoon. earlier he appeared on cnn's state of the union and refused to denounce an endorsement from kkk leader david duke. >> i am just talking about the kkk here. >> i don't know david duke, and i don't believe that i have met him and i didn't meet him and i just don't know anything about him.
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trump for not condemning the support. >> there is room for the kkk. >> we don't have any place in the white supremacists in the united states of america. >> with more than 1500 delegates up for grabs on super tuesday, the candidates are hitting key states? the south, while courting voters in arkansas and tennessee today, hillary clinton also attacked trump. >> i said last night, america has never stopped being great. our task is to make america whole. >> a new cvs tracker shows that them, leading in virginia, texas and texas sanders was work to do. >> and we did really, really badly, with older, african american voters. i mean that we got des mated. >> trump is ahead in georgia and virginia but trails cruz in his home state of texas 155
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don champion, cbs news, new york. >> demonstrators gathered outside the oscars tonight, protesting the lack of black oscar nominees, civil rights, activity, al sharpton led the rally before the broadcast of the academy awards, he spoke last night in san diego on the issue. >> last year, they did not have any blacks in the top 20 nominations. so here we come again to the new nominations and so on the day the nominations come out, that is when we said that enough is enough. we will be having --. >> the rally was organized by the national action network, and the group that he founded and leads. and this had a lot of people talking on twitter tonight. a beauty tips, website called total beauty, put out a tweet saying, they didn't know oprah was tattooed and it was actually a picture of whoopie.
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things are erased from the internet, a lot of people poked fun. >> two icons there. >> that was a big mistake. >> that is a big mistake. >> i bet that they will not make it again. >> yeah, yeah. >> and i think that it took like 40 minutes or so to delete that tweet. >> really? >> you would think that they would have noticed and said that you are wrong, wait. >> i know. >> oh, well. >> and let's talk about our weather, that is at least a good thing happening right now, right? >> that is a very good thing. >> it was so nice outside and it is going to be warmer for the next two days. if you like the season in february here you go. we have one day in february and one day in march where you have the nice temperatures too. here is what it looks like, we have mainly clear skies, from the hd tower cam gorgeous night outside and it is not even terribly chilly and the temperatures are slow to fall and 55 degrees and that is your current temperature and the winds out of the south, south west, at 13 miles per hour, and we always that is a warm direction for that wind to come
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and that is why it keeps pulling in the milder temperatures, and 40 percent, humidity and 31 degrees and that is the dew point and here are the temperatures, not half bad. and 55 and 52 in rock hill and 53 in shelby, and 57 in wadz bureau, and you are at 56 degrees and these are closer to high temperatures, high temperatures for this time of year. it is different from yesterday, 24 hours ago. and you are at, 20 degrees in morgan, and 18, and 11 in char lot, and 19 in wadz boro and so those southerly breezes could really make a difference and they have given us the clear skies and we have the warmer temperatures, but take a look at this and we will pull it back to the north and the west and you will notice the rain not too far away from us, and the thing is that it looks like most of that is going to sort of fizzle out before it reaches us and so we don't have a great chance of
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here is how we start the day, not a bad start to the day, if you got to kick off monday, you should do it this way, 49 in the morning and sunny skies and milder than it has been in the mornings, south west, breeze at 8 miles per hour and we continue with that wind all through the day tomorrow and because the high pressure is still in place and it has moved a little bit father to the east and that is why our wind is coming out of the south and drawing in the warm temperatures, and that is going to continue to be the ka is for the over night it pered and here comes the front that i was talking about and it is close to us by tomorrow morning and still we have that wind out of the south, south west, and so, yeah, with he have another really mild day coming up for you tomorrow. mid 60s once again for your monday, and the front actually moves through, on monday. but notice, there is not a lot of rain associated with it. and this cold front, is never going to live up to its name. it does not have a lot of precipitation, if any by the time that it gets here. it is also not going to cool us down and in fact it is going to be a little about the warmer behind the front than it has been ahead of it, because this is what is coming our way, this
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one is going to make the changes in our forecast before that gets here, heading into your day on tuesday, another warm day, and another day with that wind coming out of the south again, and so the mountain air is that you might see a couple of showers through the day on tuesday and the rest of us will stay dry most of the day through the evening hours and i think that we will pull in the shower activity around here and then, for wednesday, this cold front is coming through, and that is our best chance of rain and we can actually see a thunderstorm during the day on wednesday and here is your forecast heading into the day on monday, first things first, 49 degrees, that is your morning time temperature and 64 by lunchtime and you can go out for lunch tomorrow and sit outside, perhaps, 67, and heading through the next couple of days we see the warming trend for a little while longer and we can see the temperatures not warm around here but all around the region, we are going to see the temperatures that will be mild and so we will take a look around the region, we have the temperatures in the highest elevation and 45, in the beach
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looking at 67, in taylorsville, and farther to the south, and warmer, and 67 in concord and in south carolina we are looking at 71, and 71, your temperature in chester tomorrow. and the rest of the week, we have a lot of sunshine for the couple of days, 67 on monday and 68 and a little more on tuesday and then the front moves through, and 59 is going to be the high temperature on wednesday and we have that chance of rain, tuesday night and into wednesday, and even a thunderstorm is a possibility. and heading into your day on friday. we have the temperatures back in the 50s and we stay in the 50s on saturday, but then, look at sunday, we are back to the 60s again and we will be in march by then and so we should be getting a little about the warmer. but the 60s that is just a bonus, any time this time of year you get the 60s we got to enjoy them. >> yeah it and it feels better than it usually does? the 60s because it has been so cold.
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i am so cold with 60, but >> anchor: nascar, today, for the quick trip, bush won the poll and had to start in the back, after failing inspection, matt, running up front but under a green flag with pit and he would later be penalized for the
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right here, the gas man and once the gas can is engaged it is not allowed to do anything else, he was already, fuel and then his gas man would set the ranch on the back lid and that will be a penalty and take him out of contention, with 41 lapz to go, and a pit under the green and that will give the lead to jimny johnson, and appears, headed for victory, and until new man, blows a tire out and just the second caution of the day, bush had who f fght his way back, gets a great start from third but jon son able to hold him off and it will be a wreck on the back stretch, but johnson reached the over time line and he gets the win and you will see him hold the three fingers out of the window, in honor of dale, and it will be his 76th career, cup victory and ties him with the legendary, dale, for the 7th all time, and for the result's board, and will finish second and kyle, bush third and his brother will follow in the 4th
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the top five, and the core nets earlier today and taking on the haukz at the end of the first quarter and the hawks will be up, 25-9 and fast forward and the hawks are up, 14, and jeff will dribble to the wing and knock down the wide open three and no defense there and making it 60-43, and then the hogs in the 4th quarter and able to cut to the lead to 11 and we will see jeremy run for the lay up and get the foul, but able to hold off, to get the win, 87-76 and time now to talk the college hoops, and the senior day at pittsburgh, which included this guy right here, james robinson as they would face, duke and grace and allen and robinson, hit the three pointer and extending the lead and later in the first half, and allen would drive and cut the panther's lead to ten, but the blue devils not able to pull it out. get the win, and now to the
11:34 pm
will fall 81-74, and the final round of the honda classic, and it will come down to garia and scott who finished tied for first place at the end of the third round yesterday but scott will edge out garcia for the win, and facing off, today and derek, allen will come through in the end, and scoring the game winning goal and making the final, and the time now for the sports, social, first up, someone who has been trending since last night, char lot's very only, curry. and now he hit the deep, three pointer and estimated 32 feet out and that was the 12th three pointer of the game and tieing the nbc record for the threes in the game. and he broke the record for the most three pointers in a single season and there is still over 20 regular, season games to go. so i can only, imagine what that total is going to be when he finishes the season. >> it is just going to keep going up. >> at this point, i am just like, what do you do? if you are playing, defense what
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>> you just say, have at it. >> and yeah. >> and the show perhaps. >> yeah, and yes. and all right, how about this in tom brady, seems to understand, what hakunamata, means, he posted this on facebook and reenacted the circle of life, scene from the lion king with the new puppy named fluffy. >> he is kind of cute, right? >> and the football field and kind of cute. and i mean that fluffy and i did not see him and i was just looking at fluffy, that is all of the vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy.
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in our own local factories, and selling them direct to you. (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> anchor: one more check of weather. >> reporter: for monday it is not going to be half bad, 44 in the morning and not even terribly cold to start the day,
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tuesday and then we have the big changes and here is a cold front coming this way, that is right, a chance of rain, 59, that is your high on wednesday and still in the 50s on thursday and friday. and another, chance of rain comes in on friday, and we dry it out for saturday, but then next sunday, a week from now, we are right back in the 60s again. >> yeah, no complaints. really. >> no, not at all. >> we will take it. >> thanks for watching our news tonight, everyone we will see you back here tomorrow, take care. real-time closed captioning
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